Two Friends One Vision

Delivering stylish, affordable watches without compromising on quality

Two Friends One Vision

Our Story

In 2016, after a cricket match in Menorca, two friends sat down and realised that they had more in common than just this sport. Jayden Levitt and Tim Hayden were unaware of the others enthusiasm for watches and the desire to design timepieces. What started as a conversation, led to a plan to start their own brand aimed at breaking down the expensive barriers to stylish minimalist watches. By cutting out big brand mark ups and sales agents they developed a strategy to deliver direct to the consumer. This was the start of the #HWjourney

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“We wanted to design a minimalist watch that was classic and stylish with an industrial twist”

“We wanted to design a minimalist watch that was classic and stylish with an industrial twist”



We want to revolutionise the watch market, not just with affordable luxury but also with a complete transparency of our process. By engaging with our customers across multiple social media platforms we will give you the opportunity to follow how we cut our path in the industry, building a unique community spirit.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Hagley West Watches

We are shocked at the mark up on conventional “brand” watches, this is due mainly to high marketing, distribution costs and various sales agents. We use the same materials and manufacturers as these high priced brands who sell their watches for anything between £250 and £2500.

<span>Hagley West </span>Watches <span>Hagley West </span>Watches


Continue to innovate and craft the finest timepieces


Style shouldn’t have to cost the earth


Change the way you think about buying watches


Transparency with our customers throughout our #HWjourney


and as such we are proud of our collaboration with South African International cricketing legend JP Duminy. South Africa is a very proud sporting nation with a huge enthusiasm for cricket, so in 2014, the JP21 Foundation was set up to provide underprivileged communities and schools access to enjoy and play cricket. Proceeds from our JP21 watch will go to this great charity, helping them to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle whilst also enabling these kids to have fun and who knows maybe even discover the next JP Duminy!

“Together as a nation, we have the obligation to put sunshine into the hearts of our little ones, they are our precious possessions. They deserve all the happiness life can offer"
Nelson Mandela