Luke Sutton | A journey from the brink of despair

At age 35, Luke Sutton found himself with a 17-year professional cricket career behind him, a business owner, a dad, a husband, and what most would consider to the outside world, a ‘success’.

Luke partied hard, and then trained harder to shrug off the after-effects caused from the excessive alcohol the night before.

Drinking became an increasing part of his life. Long nights became even longer days, mornings of waking up somewhere, anywhere - then starting all over again.

During this time he had never felt so desperately lonely, and had been fighting this secret battle, a battle that was crippling him. Depression and alcohol had him trapped.

Sat on his bed in the rehabilitation centre, with tears pouring down his face, he was totally broken and needed help.

Now at 43, Luke has been sober for 8 years, and last year decided to help inspire others who are also suffering, by releasing his book, Back From The Edge.

Luke is grateful for the journey he has been on. Now a better father and family man, he has found true happiness and found himself again.




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