We're only just getting started!

It's great to see our record breaking crowdfunding event making the press. Media outlets have picked up on the news and run with the story of the FASTEST and LARGEST ever raise for our industry!

We're only just getting started...our attention now turns to the early testing phases of our digital marketing and advertising strategy. Once we've developed a strong pool of data, we'll then look to develop our branding strategy to ensure we have a strong connection with our audience. 

As well as developing a strong digital strategy, we want to make the customer and buyer experience the best in our industry. Our attention will also be fully engaged on the front and back end operation of the business. Offering express delivery, free returns and buy now pay later options, putting the needs and requirements of the customer first.

We have a world class team of individuals who execute massive plans along with 270 private investors in our corner. We're excited for what the future holds




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