It's never too late!

At 47 years old CEO and Hagley West Co founder, Tim Hayden abandoned his steady income to pursue his passion of creativity.  

The now 49 year old, armed with a creative itch and working solely from his kitchen, set about designing the Hagley West range you see today. 

It wasn't that long ago Tim introduced himself to social media, garnering the attention of a large Instagram community, predominantly made up of cricketers and watch enthusiasts. This week Tim 'broke out' on the emerging platform 'TikTok' and his story went viral, with his videos amassing the attention of 350,000 viewers! 

Proof that even if you start with limited experience, it's never too late to pursue your passion and follow your calling in life. 

Follow more of his story here. 

Instagram - 

TikTok -


 Love Your Journey


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  • 27 Feb 2020 Rosidi Daud
    I run a little Guesthouse on Langkawi Island Malaysia and just starred to promote the accommodation on TikTok and and IG quite recently inspired by you. Hopefully I can afford to own your watch one day. Well done on your success!!
  • 27 Feb 2020 Dennis Lisay

    I watched you tiktok videos it’s so inspiring makes my eyes teary. I’m not buying because I don’t have money to buy, just want to say thank you for the inspiring videos!

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