Crowdcube: Chris Gayle and Hagley West?

Tim Hayden (Hagley West CEO) met with Chris Gayle prior to the recent Cricket World Cup. Following that conversation we found out Chris had a love for watches. With Hagley West having close ties in the cricket community, it made for perfect synergy to partner with one of the biggest cricketers in the game.

We didn’t want someone just to come in and just promote the watches. We wanted someone who was far more involved than that and to our relief that’s exactly what Chris wanted as well.

Chris hasn’t come on board to be a promoter or an ambassador, he’s come on board as a business partner and Co-owner of Hagley West. We want Chris to come into the business and share the same emotion we have for our watches having a really big part to play in the development of the brand and the style.

As you will know Chris Gayle has a whole lot of style and panache which will bring in a whole new feel to Hagley West...his input in style, brand and design will be really welcomed. Creatively it will push us in a completely different direction and it runs perfectly in line with our newly released sports range. We still have lots more development of that range to do.

Here's the big news!

A lot of you have been waiting to invest in the up and coming CrowdCube campaign we were going to launch in September. Bringing Chris Gayle into the business has now set all of that back (provisional launch date 11th November)

The great news now though is that with Chris on board the valuation of Hagley West has sky rocketed and the potential investment opportunity in Hagley West has now has gone through the roof!

In addition to above we have recently had confirmation that we have the SEIS tax incentive (UK tax payers only) that will give you 50% off any investment back in tax relief. THIS IS HUGE!

Lets break that down…you’re going to get a half price investment opportunity in a start up watch company that has Chris Gayle as a Co-Owner. With his influence and his marketing and PR appeal across the globe.

Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world with 2.5 billion fans….second only to soccer. To have one of the top names, if not thee top name in the sport as our partner and co-owner in Hagley West is incredible.
Keep following our journey, we'd love for you to say one day "I was there from the start"

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital so please invest aware. This financial promotion is approved by Crowdcube Capital Ltd (FCA no. 650205)

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