Love Your Journey | 2.5 Million Views

What an incredible few days it's been. We've had a phenomenal response to launching our 'Love Your Journey' series.

So far we've covered stories that have captured the imagination of 2.5 million viewers. Thousands of positive comments across our platforms have poured in, in support for the 'Love Your Journey' campaign.

You may remember that we shared a truly inspiring story of the cricketer, Billy Cookson, who not only survived an horrific car crash, but defied the odds to take to the cricket field exactly one year later! The story doesn't end there...soon after launching Billy's video, we received hundreds of messages paying tribute to Billy's bravery. Professional cricketers from all over the globe sent video messages of support to the man who had been through so much.

With our huge plans to reach a global audience, we have taken steps to protect the Love Your Journey domain. After a few short negotiations we are delighted that we have secured the domain name.

We have exciting plans to continue growing LYJ into other areas, which we will continue to share with you.


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  • 04 May 2020 Charles Mac McNamara

    Missed you in sioux falls by minutes at the birdcage but as a disabled veteran I don’t move as fast as I used to. Sure wish I could have gotten a watch. Oh well will have to save my disability checks and maybe get one. Have fun on your journey. Mac

  • 04 May 2020 Charlie2022abd

    I’m sorry I’m not understanding why you blocked me. All I said was Take a picture in front of the monument and you blocked me. I do love your Journey and I want to buy a watch and hope to see you in New Jersey but you blocked me don’t understand why have fun anyway

  • 04 May 2020 Paul Beat

    i Have ordered and paid for 2x watches but i seem to have misplaced all my order details can you help please?

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