Nick Compton Collaborates With Hagley West

Former England test cricketer, and grandson of one of England's greatest ever batsman is now a photographer, channelling his focus through a life long passion.

During a 20 year career in the game, Nick Compton would travel the world playing the sport he loved. Through travel he would visit different cricket playing nations, this would continue to stimulate his interests in foreign cultures, and capturing these amazing moments.

What started as a interest for Nick quickly lead to something more, continuing to harbour a passion for photography he would soon take his camera with him to test matches. This would lead to some amazing achievements in photography, such as his first solo exhibition, featuring his prominent black and white images in a leading Mayfair gallery.

Cricket runs deep in the culture of Hagley West, so we are incredibly honoured to be working with Nick, and can't wait to feature his striking images across our social media platforms. His journey has been truly amazing.



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