The press are on us & A couple of names you might have heard of !

We are now the most successful crowdfunding event for a quartz watch company of all-time anywhere in the world! 

If you haven't already invested now is your opportunity to join one of the biggest names in world cricket, along with small to major investors in owning your part of Hagley West. 

Named Investor: 

Carlos Brathwaite thank you for your painful as it is, we now forgive you for those sixes in the 2016 World Cup! 

Named Investor:

The classy left handed South African batter JP Duminy is on board with Hagley West, in the same sort of style he takes to the cricket pitch. Thank you for your investment, great having you on board JP.  



After the just day one...the media are already on us! 

We've only been on the public platform just over 24 hours and the media have started contacting us! The news will break today that we have smashed the world record too. 

We're not stopping...

If you would like access to our pitch on Crowdcube please tap the link below. 




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