Meet the team...

We have worked tirelessly to put together a fantastic, experienced and ambitious team to drive our business forward.


We have massive plans around content for all social media platforms, that is going to be delivered by Ablinq Media. They have handled brands like Ted Baker and Fairfax & Favour. They are going to be helping us with all of our videos and will be looking after content on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.


Our Marketing strategy is headed up by Supplyant who has a wealth of experience growing start-ups from scratch into multi-million turn over business’s. We are putting together a really strong social media advertising campaign and SEO campaign. That is all being looked after by Supplyant. Simon the CEO of Supplyant is going to be working very closely with us and maximising all of our advertising strategies. He’s worked with many larger companies, 6 of which have gotten to the fast track 100 in the UK. One of the companies he dealt with he’s taken from zero growth to £80 million turn over.


Our financial strategy is lead by Peter Aratoon of Cedas. He has been hand-picked by us as he has vast experience in taking start-ups to exit. Peter is an expert in dealing with growth business’s and has taken companies from £0 turn over, through to IPO and through to sale with companies 'exiting' at between £40M and £80M.

In addition to the above we have a business advisor from a very large investment management company in the city, who is used to dealing with billions and trillions in investment. He will be giving us his expert advice and making sure we can grow this business correctly. Both him and Chris Gayle will be helping our growth into the Asian market.


We have the team , we have the plan, we have the brand, we have the products and most importantly we have the drive to execute.

Email us for details on investment to or register on and we'll notify you when our pitch is live


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