The #HWjourney started after a cricket match in Menorca in 2016

Depending on where you’re from you may or may not be familiar with the sport of ‘cricket’, however like most sports it has a great way of bringing people together in the most unlikely fashion.

What started as a discussion about big mark ups conventional brands charge for watches, quickly led to a plan to start our very own watch company.

After further research into the general watch market we were shocked! What we found was that conventional and designer watch brands didn’t actually warrant the price tag. What impacts the price of these watches is the high marketing costs, the use of sales agents and other retail costs. 

We figured out a way to reduce these costs by building a unique community spirit and creating an eCommerce model that didn’t require the large overheads you see in high street retailers.

We wanted to deliver stylish yet affordable watches without compromising on quality. So after a number of setbacks, bumps, bruises and trips around the world we finally sourced the materials and a manufacturer that could produce the level of quality we required. It’s safe to say we haven’t looked back.

We now want to revolutionise the watch market and change the way your everyday fashion conscious person thinks about buying watches. We aim to be completely transparent in how we cut our path into the watch industry.

Keep watching....2019 is going to be huge!

Jayden & Tim

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